Saryawathi Akrithi Artisan Association

This group is from Andhra Pradesh, India, working with the name of Saryawathi Akrithi Artisan Association. This group consists for local artisons who are expert in crochet work that means creating textiles by using a crochet hook to interlock loops of yarn. Before knowing about e-commerce platform and how to use it, despite of having talent there selling profits were very less due to limited reach of potential customers. Through the E- Commerce Training Program of Anuna Educational Network Pvt. Ltd. now the group has not only become well versed with the process of e-commerce but they are getting orders from India and outside with their worldwide reach now. 

I am Rayi Naga Venkata Satyavani and I am a group member of Saryawathi Akrithi Artison Association. Before knowing about the E-commerce program from Anuna Education Network Pvt. Ltd. I was earning very less money through my work, as I didnot know how to reach as many customers for my products. When I came to know about the program and joined the group, now I am making more profit with same work. With the help of group we support each other in making our products better and beautiful. We make variety of crochet ptoducts like baby dresses, toys, blankets, bed spread, cushion covers, mats etc. and now customers are noticing our work and we are getting orders from through out the world. I am very thankful to Anuna Education Network Pvt. Ltd. for launching such a good program of e-commerce learning and showing us the way to grow and making our lives better in many ways.

It is invigorating to see you dedicating your life to what brings you joy. By pursuing these passions despite the risks and fears, you inspire us to do the same.

A great initiative of ANUNA

Best of Luck....
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