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Many interior, textile, jewelry, natural products & fashion designers, small independent retailers, niche wholesalers & e-Commerce entrepreneurs across the world are looking to source cost-effective, customized quality products, in retail or bulk, directly from reliable suppliers in India & the Far East.

Although single-use hand-made items are relatively easy to get, there is no platform that allows for structured business negotiations for custom & bulk orders, without a lot of trial & error.

Anuna.com provides a reliable global sourcing platform that connects the creative sourcing needs of the buyers with the right sellers on the principals of trust, quality & customer delight.

Buyers use our Custom Order module to buy finished or unfinished products, link up various anuna.com sellers to form a supply chain complete with branded packaging.

When ordering customized items in bulk, buyers also avail deep discounts on the retail pricing.

How Does It Work?

  • When a buyer reaches a storefront or product listing, he/she can normally buy the active listing, or clicks on the Custom Order button embedded in the listing for bulk or customization. Specifications include size, color, design, lots & private label.
  • Clicking on the Custom Order button opens up a 3-way chat-based messaging system that connects the buyer, seller & the Anuna.com account manager who acts as a mediator & hand-holds the entire process.
  • The buyer can then put up enquiries on the product, specify his/her requirements, share files or images, negotiate pricing & timelines and allow the account manager to create a private listing once satisfied.
  • The buyer then clicks on the private listing link and makes a payment as per terms agreed, the payment is released to seller account once the order is completed as per agreed timelines & milestones.
  • In case there is a problem with the order and/or processing timelines, the buyer has the option to request a cancellation, allow new timelines, and/or renegotiate the order.
  • All Custom Orders are shipped to Anuna.com warehouse, where they are quality checked & forwarded to the buyer. The buyer can also choose to have subsequent orders shipped directly to save time once trust is established between the buyer and seller.