Why India is making such a big deal out of millets ?

Millet and grain cereals, despite being rich sources of protein and antioxidants with high nutritional value have never been considered fashionable foods, however, India has done remarkably well when it has come to meeting the caloric needs and demands of her people. India, the world's largest producer, and the world's second-largest exporter of...


Desi Ghee also known as clarified liquid butter

Pure Ghee Ghee is a type of clarified butter which has been used in India for millennia.Pure cow ghee helps in anti-ageing, raises the beauty and purifies the blood. The diseases like paralysis and Asthma are also controlled by Desi-ghee.The use of cow ghee does not enhance cholesterol in our body and it is not harmful for the heart. According...


How To Identify Fake Dry Fruits?

Indian Festival without dry fruits?From Almond,Cashew ,walnuts, dry fruits are used for gifting, making sweets,Gujiya at home and simply munching on. Do you know, however, that during the festivals, fake and adulterated sweets and dry fruits are available in the markets? Let us tell you some easy ways to tell the difference between real dry fruits and...


Organize your spiritual space

Find perfect wooden temple on ANUNA.COM Discover the beauty of wooden temples and elevate your worship experience. Explore the great deals on stunning wooden temples available on ANUNA.COM  Wooden temples not only add a touch of elegance to your home decor but also create a sacred space for your spiritual practices. Wooden temples are not just...


Handmade Embroidery Hoop

It is therapeutic — keeps your fine motor skills sharp and your mind focused. Doing hand embroidery is such a great stress buster. It’s like I forget about everything around  and immerse in a world of our own. It resets and prepares me to be a better person. ⁠ helps many of us to focus⁠—keeping worries and the chaotic thoughts of our...



We honor tradition and artistry through our hand-block printing process. Our artisans, rooted in the rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan and Gujarat, breathe life into fabric using hand-carved wooden blocks dipped in vibrant dyes. From meticulously carving the blocks to the rhythmic dance of printing, we ensure every step resonates with the love for this...


Moochys or Artists of India Thanjavur

A classical artform from southern India, Thanjavur painting – also known as Tanjore painting – is a celebration of the region’s rich artistic tradition, named after the town of Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu, India.Anuna gave a ecommerce traning to them to sell their own products on thier own ecommerce Id . 


Therapeutics Role of Azadirachta indica (Neem)

Organic pure Natural Neem Sticks Azadirachta Indica Sticks DATUN for Teeth and Gums, Organic Home grown Neem Tree From Lucknow Uttar Pradesh things which is love to sell by a Noor Anuna Old student who started selling Neeam datun because she own one 50 years old Neem Tree . she dont have money to start her own store because of money to boost her we only...


What makes cashmere... and what makes it so special?

The word ‘cashmere’ invokes thoughts of luxury and softness for almost everyone, but what about thoughts of breath-taking faraway mountains, and the rare, beautiful textiles produced there? Because, although the end product we see is usually soft, delicate and refined, each of those fibres has taken a long and arduous journey characterised by meticulous...


Made in Narsapur

The Narsapur cluster is able to form 10000 plus Artisans & 150 SHGs supporting the strong work force. ‘Make in India’ may be the new mantra for young India, but the export of lace and lace products made in Narsapur, West Godavari, that leverages on the ingenuous craft of crochet, exclusive to women belonging to Kapu community, has been an age-old...



Zardozi initially, the embroidery was done with pure silver wires and real gold leaves. However, today, craftsmen make use of a combination of copper wire, with a golden or silver polish, and silk thread Anuna Acception custom orders to make the zardozi embroidery with silver wire .


Creativity comes from heart

Art is a very safe space to express your mind, thoughts, issues, feelings and creativity! In art there are no rules except 2 very important ones, #1 express yourselves, #2 Have fun!  For example in this picture I meant to draw an ice-cream at the young age of 5. But it became a tremendous abstract piece! So use this as a positive affirmation to do...


Consistent hard work leads to success

True Story from Manipur indian artesian started her fight of living at the age of 16 .Laishangbam Sanjana Devi comes from a indian tribes belt from imphal wants to follow her dreams. Anuna Manipur team Counselled Laishangham understood her and convinced her that she can do it this not impossible so, follow your dreams in Fashion designing. Doesn't matter...


Tale of Rich Heritage, Artistry, and Timeless Elegance of Lucknowi Chikankari​

Nur Jahan, the wife of Mughal Emperor Jahangir, who became recognized for her love of arts and crafts. It became throughout her monarchy that Chikankari commenced to flourish, as she advocated local artisans to create delicate and ornate styles the usage of white thread on nice muslin fabric. Over time, Chikankari evolved from being a hobby of the the...


We see an open-minded world

We see an open-minded world that builds deeper bonds across nations, religions, and communities, forging cultural understanding, mutual respect and admiration.


The Importance of Supporting Artisans

Artisans are often small business owners who rely on their craft to make a living. By supporting artisans, we are supporting local economies and helping to preserve traditional craftsmanship. Additionally, buying products made by artisans often means that we are buying products that are unique and have a story to tell. When we buy from artisans,...


Pure Cashmere Pashmina

Simply the best, fine enough to pass through a wedding ring. Pure, feather light, warm and glamorous cashmere - a true classic which will repay your investment time after time after time.


Handmade Crochet Toys

These local artisans from West Godavari, Andhra Pradesh, which is famous for its crochet handicraft. These artisans have also joined the E-Commerce training program initiated by Anuna Education Network Pvt. Ltd. and now they can sell their products easily through online portals. Before that, like other local craftsmen they were also suffering with...


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