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Anuna.com is a Social Impact Marketplace focused on Artisanal, Handicrafts, Handlooms, Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Aromatherapy, Organics & Wellness products.

We believe in ending the plastic generation, reviving traditional handicrafts & naturopathy, helping marginalized artisans connect with modern trends & digital economies, help designers & eCommerce startups source quality hand-made products, and in the process make the World a better place!

Anuna.com is a global sourcing powerhouse of hand-made natural items. This unique marketplace connects global buyers with Traditional Artisans & Independent Seller communities, while providing mediation on quality & reliability.

Anuna.com also features a first-of-its-kind Custom Order Module allowing buyers to buy from the current inventory of sellers, in retail or wholesale, opt for private labeling, as well as, place custom design and bulk orders with peace of mind!

The platform also offers 24x7 handholding to Sellers, multi-channel sales opportunities, acts as a translator & mediator, as well as provides opportunities to grow sales through faster delivery by utilizing the Company’s own fulfillment centers in USA, UK, Australia & India.

“Anuna” is an ancient Pali-Sanskrit word also found in the Buddhist Heart Sutra and refers to something “Superior”. Similarly, we have built Anuna.com on the concepts of Superior Quality, Reliability & Customer Delight!

Our Social Impact Story

The founders of Anuna have worked together for over 25 years in the Design, Fashion & Home Décor industry serving the USA & European markets and have as many years of experience sourcing hand-made items from India & the Far East.

During this time, they had closely witnessed the plight of the traditional artisans who were subjected to meagre wages for their crafts and were exploited by the middlemen. This resulted in the decline of new entrants to the crafts, loss of livelihood for the artisans, and the end customer paying more for products in which the middlemen were taking most of the profits.

Since the days of the Silk Route, places like India have had a rich & varied history of traditional handicrafts, handlooms, spices, and natural products. Over time pockets of areas have developed all over countries like India that have generations specializing in a particular craft that work in communities. Such areas having a vast number of generational artisans and inter-linked supply chain components, have been designated as Clusters.

Today most traditional artisans are marginalized women and bread-earners for their families but are not able to make ends meet due to exploitation & lack of knowledge on digital economies. They needed training and lots of handholding on digital entrepreneurship, online products onboarding, design innovation guidance & micro-credit facilities.

To help bridge the marketplace & social divide present in the traditional handicraft, handloom & organic farming sectors, the founders founded Anuna Education in 2012 that has become a premiere skill development & vocational training organization and partnered with Government of India and their Skill India Mission to develop a comprehensive coursework on eCommerce Entrepreneurship.

This Project was designated as a Special Project under Skill India’s flagship PMKVY scheme under which Anuna Education has set up training, photography, cataloging, warehousing & logistics infrastructure at government recognized handicraft clusters. The artisans form themselves in groups of 10 and undergo 320 hours of classroom training and a year of integrated handholding which includes their company registration, photography & cataloging of products, registration & filing of necessary compliances like GST, micro-credit linkages for working capital loans, along with online business onboarding & sales handling.

Anuna’s Social Impact Project, combining backward & forward linkages, is being implemented in partnership with National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), Retailers Association’s Skill Council of India (RASCI), Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts (EPCH), and various leading ecommerce portals.

This free-of-cost Project has already seen enrollment of 17,000 artisans across 12 states with over 4,500 that have completed training and are in various stages of establishing their businesses online. All artisans go through initial screening & counselling that considers their craft experience, ability to handle a business & economic background. Anuna Education plans to replicate this project across India, the Far East & Africa to give more marginalized artisans a fighting chance to increase their livelihood.

Since many Artisans & Independent Sellers produce one-of-a-kind items and work against orders, Anuna.com was founded to connect such sellers with global retail buyers, designers and online hand-made & wellness brands. However, Anuna.com is open to all independent sellers who have unique hand-made or natural products. A part of proceeds from all sales at Anuna.com is donated to supporting the training of artisans from economic backward classes.