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Become A Seller

Anuna.com is a social impact marketplace focused purely on handicraft, handloom, creative and natural products. We help local artisans & independent sellers in bringing their businesses online and connect with millions of global buyers.

Anuna.com sellers can sell their hand-made products in retail, wholesale, and even take custom orders against them where the buyer specifies their own design, colors, size, number or pieces,  etc.

We  focus on helping Artisans & Independent seller overcome the following issues:

  • Language & Communications barriers when dealing professionally with International clients 
  • Lack of hand-holding provided beyond account opening & initial listings by major marketplaces
  • Lack of technical knowledge to grow the business through active account management & social media
  • Artisanal & small independent sellers even face issues with GST compliances, IEC code, etc. required to sell online
  • Most Independent & Artisanal Sellers don’t hold programmed lines or huge inventory, rather are used to selling unique items and working on custom orders
  • Building trust online with buyers for small sellers for custom or bulk orders
  • Lack of knowledge on international shipments, custom duties, landed costs, etc.
  • Lack of avenues to liquidate bulk lots/inventories to free up working capital

What Are the Benefits to Seller

  • All Sellers are provided with a storefront through which they can bulk upload their current listings and sell them individually, in bulk lots, or take custom orders against them
  • All Sellers are provided with an account manager to guide them on on-boarding, listings, pricing, shipping, etc.
  • All Sellers are provided with Custom Order mediation & private listing generation by the account managers.
  • All Sellers can also sign-up for placing their high sales products in Anuna’s fulfillment centers in USA, UK & Australia, as well as, across 15 States in India to enable next day deliveries

Active & Passive Sellers

As an anuna.com seller, you have the options to register as a self-managed Active Seller or Anuna-managed Passive Seller:

Active Sellers:
  • Active Sellers are those businesses that have experience selling online and have all the requirements such as GST, IEC etc. already in place
Passive Sellers:
  • Passive Sellers are are small independent sellers or artisans groups who have no or limited experience selling online
  • Passive Sellers use their storefronts as their individual product website and do not engage in eCommerce directly, rather they sell to & bill anuna.com locally, who intern sells to and invoices the end buyer
  • Passive Sellers are provided with end-to-end hand holding by anuna.com, and are exempted from GST & IEC requirements based on turnover threshold

Become A Sller - Anuna


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