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This group Anasuya Devi Akrithi Artisan Association is from West Godavari, Andhra Pradesh, which is famous for its Crochet work products. Local artisans from the group are very talented and hard working in their work, but due to changing trend of marketing their business was suffering. Nowadays when customers prefer to shop through online portals at the comfort of their homes, then small business like this suffers who do not know anything about E-commerce platform. To overcome this problem Anuna Education Network Pvt. Ltd. has started an E-Commerce Training Programs for such type of artisans to make them self reliant in selling their products worldwide, directly through e-commerce portals. In this way they are able to maximize their profit by cutting the middlemen and having a wide reach to their potential customers all around the globe. This group is one of many others who got benefitted from this training program and now they are selling their products throughout the world and getting a good earning for their handicrafts. 

My name is M Sudha and I am a member of Anasuya Akrithi Arstosan Association. As we are living in an era of technology and now customers prefer to buy products online at the comfort of their home, those local artisans who doesn't know about how to sell online are facing a lot of trouble in making their ends meet. Before knowing about the training program, we were also suffering from the same problem. I am very thankful to Anuna Education Network Pvt. Ltd. for giving us training about doing national and international online business on multiple e-commerce portals. So, after completing this program I am able to sell my products not only in India but internationally as well, which is a  biggest achievement for me. Now, all my group members are getting the reward of their hard work and we are doing well in our business.

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