Terracotta Clay Cooking Pot | Ceramic Pan - Hand Made Natural Food Safe & Eco Friendly Moroccan Tunisian Kitchenware | Stoneware Earthenware I Terracotta Frying Pan Size of 13x10x5

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Terracotta medium size fry Pan in traditional look

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This is a unique pot design from one of our talented ceramicists. It has a natural clay texture on the outside, with an ergonomic handle, and earthen interior, which is food safe and natural. It is totally lead-free. Rather than cooking with Teflon or plastic-coated pans, it is a great choice to cook with chemical-free alternatives such as this one.

To use: Use on a gas or electric stove up to medium heat. Take care not to subject it to extreme temperatures eg. running cold water into a hot pot or placing it straight into a hot oven when cold. Allow it to cool before washing.

1 Liter. Safe for use on stove 

Size:- 13x10x5inch


  • Soak the products in water for 10-12 hours before use to ensure that the pores become moist.
  • For the initial 3-4 dishes, cook items like lentils (dal) or porridge having high water content. Following which it can be used for cooking all types of food items.
  • Keep hot terracotta vessels on a stand rather than directly on a surface until it cools and allow it to regain normal temperature.
  • For cleaning, allow the clay pot to cool after cooking and then soak it for a minute in lukewarm water to loosen bits of food
  • To remove the food items, use hot water and a gentle scrub with salt.
  • You can add two tablespoons of baking soda to neutralize the strong odors.
  • Avoid using soaps and detergents unless they are very mild and neutral.
  • If any mold forms during storage, sprinkle with baking soda and rinse with warm water and brush. Boiling in water for 30 minutes can open up clogged pours.
  • After washing, ensure that the pot is thoroughly dry before storing. Store the clay pot with the lid off allowing the air to circulate.
  • Don't put the bottle in the refrigerator or pour ice cold water in it as it may crack due to the temperature difference.
  • After washing, ensure that the pot is thoroughly dry before storing. Store the clay pot with the lid off allowing the air to circulate.
  • Avoid keeping an empty terracotta vessel on the flame.
  • Cooking vessels are microwavable.
  • Serve your meal with the essence of tradition. It is in great used condition- no cracks or chips. It is functional and a great piece of folk art.
  • Red clay has many health benefits since it is a rich source of minerals. These vessels or biodegradable and are very very beneficial and organic. 

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