Hand Quilting Beige Color Handmade Stole Style Shawls

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Banaras Craft
Banaras Craft is a innovative products workers. The name itself define that craft as exploring via innovation and Ba...

Standard Stole Size

Width 38

Length 99

The item is made out of raw sheep wool , its coarse in nature but wearable , handmade items might carry certain irregularities that are part of its unique charm.

Some wool from locally grown sheep is still used, they also procure silk from Bangalore, acrylic from Ludhiana, Sheep wool from Kashmir and cotton from various places, to cater to the increasing demands. The fine cotton has enabled them to create more intricate and colorful designs. Such pieces may have 70 threads per square inch instead of the usual 24. Weaving of a piece may take days to months, depending upon the intricacy and newness of the design.

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