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Anuna 100% Pure Natural & Organic Essential Almond Oil 100ml

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Anuna Essential Oil:-Almond oil is cultivated with the finest sweet almonds which is properly Shelled, Dried and Cold pressed to extract the pure oil, from a collective of Organic Farmer. No Harsh Chemical used while extracting the Oil & is refined to remove toxins .Anunamart uses only sweet almonds unlike some oils which are extracted from different variety of Bitter almonds. Benefits Almond oil help to lighten the dark circles under your eyes and reduce under-eye puffiness. Almond Oil is full of Vitamin E and Vitamin K to hydrate the delicate Skin without irritating it. Its Inflammatory & analgesic properties make it perfect for use for Spa , Soothing Baths and Massage oil. Best natural remedy for chapped lips, wrinkles, cracked heels, dry feet and hands. Helps relieves muscular aches & pain when applied topically. Extracted from Cold Pressed Dried kernels of sweet almonds. How To Use Oils :- Diffuser, Massage Oil, Yoga, Bath/Shower, DIY Project, Aroma Spray Suggested Use: Use it with your favorite moisturizer or conditioner for an extra boost . Your hair will shine & your skin will glow with extra natural goodness. For Dry Skin use a few drops of almond oil massaged onto the skin 2-3 times a week. Caution :- If you are allergic to nuts, avoid using almond oil on your skin. If you have never used almond oil on your skin before, do a patch test before applying to your face Sourced From:- This Product is sourced from a collective of Organic Farmer. PURITY TESTED / QUALITY ASSURED Note:- “ Anuna Essential oils are cold-pressed and packaged in blue cobalt bottles that are more effective in blocking UV rays than brown bottles, making our oil remain fresh and last longer in storage & use.”

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