Sweet Almond Oil - 100% Pure, Natural and Undiluted, 100 ml (3.3 oz)

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Sweet almond oil contains high levels of fatty acids, proteins, zinc, and vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, and E. Sweet almond oil can relieve itching, bringing a soothing and calming effect. It is also helpful in balancing the oil on the skin and may reduce the appearance of acne and improve cell turnover.

Our Sweet Almond oil is cultivated with the finest sweet almonds which are properly shelled, dried and cold-pressed to extract the pure oil, from a collective of Organic Farmer. No Harsh Chemical used while extracting the Oil & is refined to remove toxins.

Benefits of Sweet Almond Oil: 

  • Sweet almond oil is a great moisturizer and helps treat conditions of the dry skins, such as eczema and psoriasis. It helps to soften and re-condition the skin. Its antioxidant properties provide natural resistance against sun damage.
  • Sweet almond oil is recommended for massage blends for inflammatory conditions like arthritis, fibromyalgia, injuries, and burns.
  • Almond oil can soften and strengthen your hair, protect hair from sun damage, control dandruff and smooth frizz and heal damaged hair.

Suggested Use:

  • Rub almond oil on your feet to prevent athlete’s foot or to help remove other fungal infections like ringworm.
  • To use almond oil as a moisturizing oil, wash and dry your skin as usual. Then, gently pat a small amount of almond oil onto your face with your fingertips, and let it absorb into your skin.
  • Apply almond oil directly to your hair. Rub a small amount in between your palms and apply to hair. Apply at the end of your hair to increase shine and softness.

Safety and Storage

Our oils are packaged in blue cobalt glass bottles to provide the maximum protection from light and air. This helps in increasing the shelf life of the product compared to amber glass bottles. Store in a dark glass bottle, tightly capped, in a cool place.

If you are allergic to nuts, avoid using almond oil on your skin. If you have never used almond oil on your skin before, do a patch test before applying to your face.

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