Privacy policy

Data we gather-

We fundamentally gather two kinds of data from you in connection to your utilization of the site. Individual data which incorporates your name, age, sexual orientation, address, mobile number, email address, postal location, username, password, payment mode data, billing, shipment address and so on. We gather this data amid your checkout procedure so we can satisfy your requests and orders without interference.

Non-personal data incorporates your browser type, IP address, domain name and the time span you have spent at our website. We don't impart any of the data to any outsiders or third party without your  consentUtilization of your own personal data:

We by and large utilize the individual data (email address and phone number) for businesspurposes , to send you notifications advising you about exceptional offers, product updates and guiding you with information for healthy lifestyle.

By clicking Unsubscribe to our email, we will eliminate your name from our subscriber details and you will never again get notifications from us.

Security of your data:

You have full authority over the data you share with us. We promise you that your data won't be imparted to any  third party or third person. The security of your data is our first priority. At whatever point you enter sensitive data (your card details, CVV number, expiry date), we encode that data utilizing Secure Socket Layer Technology(SSL) and no third party or third person will get to access your data. Your own personal data won't be stored with us after your transaction iscomplete .

Why do we use cookies:

This site utilizes cookies. Cookies are a sort of data that is stored on your hard drive and your internet browser. It causes you to visit and direct to the pages you have visited before. Cookies don't store any delicate data that you have imparted to us. We likewise give you the choice of incapacitating cookies through your internet browser.